Learning Among the Oaks in San Luis Obispo County

Engaging people of all kinds, especially children and families, in exploring, learning about, and caring for local oak woodlands ~ Based at Santa Margarita School and Santa Margarita Ranch since 2005

Educating and inspiring tomorrow’s conservation leaders

I want to be an Oak Ambassador because I love wildlife and nature. I think oak conservation is extremely important . Also, I enjoy teaching others about the oaks and the role they play in our native animals’ lives and our environment.

5th grade applicant

Santa Margarita School Oak Ambassador Program

Many, many thanks for welcoming me on the nature hike last Wednesday…. This program is so special! It fills a real need and takes advantage of the special environment that surrounds us here on the Central Coast.   Educating our children about the need to respect and protect the environment is one of the most important things adults can do.


Grandparent of an Oak Ambassador