Learning About Local Oaks

A Santa Margarita Ranch Oak Identification Guide will help you learn about the three species of oaks found along the Learning Among the Oaks trail.  Explore Oaks at the Center to find out what one old oak x-section aka “oak cookie” can tell us about the life of an oak. See and learn about the diversity of wildlife who make their home in California’s oak woodlands with this checklist from California Oaks .

Recommended Oak Links:

Hairy woodpecker on blue oak along the LATO trail, February 2014. Photo by M. Klatt.

ancient oak nov 2011

One of the ancient oaks at Santa Margarita Ranch. This one, photographed in November 2011 by B. Gingg, is one of the most beautiful and massive around – perhaps for the whole state of California!

A True Friend of Oaks and a Great Asset to LATO

University of California Area Natural Resource Specialist Bill Tietje installing nest box in December 2007. We’re grateful to Bill for his guidance and support through LATO program development years 2005-2011 within the University of California and through the present. Dr. Tietje is a true friend of oaks and a great asset to the community.

 For the Oak Lover’s Book Shelf:

Secrets of the Oak Woodlands

This book is a treasure and a must have for oak lovers of all ages. Thank you so much to supporter Christine Harvey for finding and donating a collection of these wonderful books to share with volunteer docents and Oak Ambassadors.

Other recommended books:

Exploring oak habitats

Santa Margarita School students exploring an oak along the LATO trail, May 2006.