Friends of LATO ~ Thank you donors, volunteers and partners!

Established through 2005-11 support from the California Wildlife Conservation Board and the University of California, LATO has become a unique and successful outdoor education program. Our nonprofit home is now within The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County. 

We are especially grateful to the Robert H. Janssen Foundation and to the San Luis Obispo County Fish and Game Fines Committee for 2015 grants providing operational support for Learning Among the Oaks. LATO projects and activities benefit youth and families of our community in countless ways. Thank you for helping us get more kids outdoors to explore, learn and care about each other and the natural world we share.


Christine Harvey

Althouse and Meade, Inc.

Warren and Carol Sinsheimer

John and Dee Lacey

Lori Anne Johnston

Joan Collier, In Memory of Wesley Collier 

Don and Teri Ernst ~The Ernst Law Group

Leland and Valerie Endres

Lou and Ann Robinson

Bryan and Beverly Gingg

Robert and Jaime Hill Family

Rex and Janice Fong Wolfchristina

Roy and Roberta Parsons

Marguerite Costigan and Terry Sanville       

The Sneed Family

Hotlix, The Original Candy that Bugs

The Sharon Family

Steve and Jane Sinton

John and Rosalyn Phillips

Keith and Julie Wales

The Lawson Family

Greig and Sue Cummings


Santa Margarita School Faculty and Staff                                     

Santa Margarita P.T.A.

P.G. & E./Dan and Lori Stermer

P.G. & E./Greg Saenz 

Joan Collier

Diane Brown                                                           

Rob DeGraff and Mary Sampson 

Arroyo Grande Sportsman’s Club


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Thank you for your patience and support!

Read LATO Fund Appeal Letter.

Great news!!! As of June 3, 2013, with pledges coming in, we’ve reached our $36,000 goal to fund the program through the end of the 2014-15 school year. If you believe in LATO’s work to cultivate the next generation of conservationists and want to further extend our reach, please consider making a donation.

How to donate: Please make check payable to The Land Conservancy, write “LATO Fund” on check memo line, and mail to The Land Conservancy of SLO County, P.O. Box 12206, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
An online donation option should be available here in January 2015. Thanks for your patience!

More Donors ~Volunteers ~In Kind Contributors:

Rod Hoadley ~ Peak Racks

Craig Wilson ~ Growing Grounds

Cheryl Lish

Oak Country Lumber

Andrew Von Dollen

Mark Von Dollen and Adam Duncan

Tara Von Dollen

Dan Magdoff

Matt Hudgins

Diana Barnhart

Cortnie Newby

Kathy Loftus

Kade Sayler

Cal Poly Logging Team

Jeanette Hall                                                          

The Ogburn Family              

The John Family

Laurie Walcott

Abby Kopp  

David Wilson                                               

Edna 4-H Club

Cindy Wood

Heather Dauer

The Cortina Family

Jonas Richardson

Amanda Richardson-Fritch

Bill Weitkamp, Retired UCCE Farm Advisor 

Home of LATOThanks to the many, many people have contributed their time, energy and talents to make LATO a great experience for all involved. Enjoy the slideshow (above) or the video (below -for those with high speed, flash)! We’re also grateful to past and present Santa Margarita School teachers, staff and parents who’ve made invaluable contributions to the success of LATO + donors who make LATO possible through their financial support. It’s a great team effort.

Key Partners ~ Collaborators:

Santa Margarita Ranch owners Karl Wittstrom, Doug Filipponi and Rob Rossi

(Thanks also to past and present SMR managers Aaron Lazanoff and Jeff McKee)

The Land Conservancy of SLO County (Program Home starting in January 2013)

San Luis Obispo County University of California Cooperative Extension (Bill Tietje) ~ Ag and Natural Resources Committee (Aaron Lazanoff, Chair)

California Conservation Corps Los Padres Center

Atascadero Unified School District ~ Santa Margarita School

Cal Poly Biological Sciences and Natural Resource Management Departments

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Work Ranch

Pacific Wildlife Care

Morro Coast Audubon Society

Central Coast State Parks Association

Ag Education Committee of SLO County

San Luis Obispo County 4-H SLO Scientist Program

Key Docent Volunteers/Past and Present Cal Poly Interns:

John McCabe

Glenn and Charron Sparks (Glenn passed away July 8,2013 – too soon. Trail station was dedicated to Glenn in April 2014.)

Carol Sinsheimer

Michael and Ruby Klatt

Dona Robertson

Valerie Endres

George Work

Alisa (Runstrom) McMullen (2005-06)

Nicole Sharp (2006-07)

Elizabeth Church (2007-08)

Becca Joynt (2008)

Kelly Thornton (2008-09)

Joshua Junkermeier (2008-09)

Kevin Osborne (2008-11)

Rachel McDowell (2009-10)

Casey Dilg (2009-10)

Valerie Grant (2010-13 + created LATO logo)

Jena Tepe (2010-11 + made Oak Ambassador vests)

Kristen Reichardt (2010-12)

Jillian Kreth (2011-13)

Jillian Cosgrove (2013)

Keelan Dann (2012 -15)

Desiree Johnson (2013 -14)

Elizabeth Saldo (2012 -15)

Jyllian Smith (2014)

McKenzie Boring (2014)

Ryan Russell (2014 -15)

Elaina Cromer (2014-15)

Meghan Perfect (2014-15)

Jahana Kaliangara (2015)

Georgia Castro (2015)



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