Welcome oak nature friends!

What we do

We engage children and families in exploring, learning about and caring for nature close to home. San Luis Obispo County’s oak woodlands provide a rich environment for experiencing the joy of making discoverings and becoming lifelong nature stewards.

Educating and inspiring future conservation leaders

Each year, we provide junior oak naturalist aka Oak Ambassador (OA) training for a new class of 4th graders at each public partner school. OAs guide nature hikes and teach other kids. It’s a powerful experience with lasting impacts. Kids continue service as they grow, taking on more responsibilities.

Connecting kids, nature and land

Each Learning Among the Oaks (LATO) public partner school has its own associated nature trail for guided hikes, field studies, wildlife cameras and stewardship projects. We connect kids and land. Nature is ever changing and as such, kids develop relationships with the land as they return to the same oak woodlands through the years…making new discoveries each time.

Young voices


I have learned to love nature, to be one with nature, and to value nature.

- Rosie, Oak Ambassador, 4th grade