Identification Pointers

The desert cottontail rabbit has large pointed ears that are sparsely covered with hair. The fur of a cottontail rabbit is a light grayish-brown with an almost white colored fur on the belly. They have large legs with slender feet that lack dense hair. The whiskers are generally black. The tail is round with dark fur on top and white fur underneath.

Behavior Tips

Cottontail rabbits are crepuscular and nocturnal. This animal is an herbivore, mainly eating grasses, but also other plants, herbs, vegetables, and even cacti. Cottontail rabbits get most of their water from either the plants they eat or the dew that forms on the plants. When startled, this animal may freeze or it may run away for cover. They run in a zig-zag pattern at an average of about 15 mph. The cottontail rabbit can swim, climb trees, and scramble over brush piles.