wildlife camera team 9-26-15

L to R: Greig Cummings, Bev Gingg, Sue Cummings, Sheryl Clendenen (Team Leader/Margarita Adventures Naturalist), Nathan Sharon (Oak Ambassador Alumnus), Dan Sharon, Julie Wales, Chris Lawson (Oak Ambassador Alumnus), Lydia Lawson, Ruby Klatt, and Mike Klatt. Not shown: John Lawson and Katrina Sharon.

Annual LATO Wildlife Camera Volunteer Team Training ~ September 26, 2015

We spent the morning reviewing camera operations and planning this year’s program. Cameras operations are handled by volunteer teams throughout the school year, with new captures generally uploaded each month and shared online + through a special display in the Santa Margarita School Library. The program is made possible through support from grants* and donations and through

the cooperation of Santa Margarita Ranch owners Doug Filipponi, Rob Rossi and Karl Wittstrom.

* Special thanks to the San Luis Obispo County Fish and Game Fines Committee and the Robert H. Janssen Foundation.