Glenn Sparks Memorial Trail Station

Remembering and honoring a beloved LATO trail docent

We’re grateful to Glenn’s wife Charron for generously supporting LATO in memory of Glenn.


Glenn Sparks was involved since the beginning of LATO as a volunteer docent, generously sharing his time and talents to teach
all of Santa Margarita’s school children about local wildlife. He became such a favorite part of the program that we had to give him
his own trail station.

Additionally, Glenn was an integral part of the Oak Ambassador program from 2010 through his untimely passing on July 8,2013. He was involved in all aspects of the program from interviewing and selecting Oak Ambassadors, to serving as an important wildlife and outdoor safety teacher. He was always there when needed to teach, mentor and encourage these young leaders in training. We will remember Glenn as an exceptionally kind person, a true gentleman, an outstanding role model, and a wonderful friend to many. He will be forever in our hearts and on the trail as we see him with a ready smile and words of encouragement for the kids. He brought out the best in everyone around him.

In April 2014, Glenn’s widow Charron and many friends from multiple communities gathered to honor and remember Glenn through the dedication of the Glenn Sparks Memorial Trail Station. The station was completed with help from the California Conservation Corps, Santa Margarita Ranch and many volunteers.