Identification Pointers

The red fox is uniquely-colored. It has a bushy white-tipped tail which is longer than half their body length. Most red foxes are red-colored with black feet and black-tipped, triangular ears. They can also be black/silver, or cross (reddish brown with dark shoulders). Red foxes weigh between 4.9 to 30.9 lbs., and females (called vixens) typically weigh 15 – 20% less than males. They have slit-like pupils.

Behavior Tips

Red foxes are omnivores and nocturnal hunters that prey on voles, rabbits, small mammals, birds, invertebrates, and fruit when available. Red foxes use their urine to mark their territories. This mammal dens in burrows underground, often dug on hills or mountain slopes, ravines, or even rock clefts. Since the start of the wildlife camera project in 2011, the red fox has dominated the gray fox with regard to frequency of camera captures. This might be due to a tendency to roam more freely throughout its home range.