Since the 2005 start of Learning Among the Oaks, volunteers have been an important part of LATO. A strong network of volunteers, some with more than a decade of involvement, keep LATO growing.

Thank you, LATO volunteers!

This video shows LATO volunteers at work during recent years and the many ways they contribute to the success of LATO. In addition to LATO volunteers, we appreciate volunteer support from long-term partners such as Morro Coast Audubon Society and Pacific Wildlife Care.

Ways to Get Involved

Hike/School Docent

This volunteer position is best for those who are naturally curious, enjoy working with kids (inside/outside the classroom), and like to explore nature. Volunteers need not know everything, however, successful volunteers will be open to learning!

Additional Requirements:

  1. Fingerprinting is required for all volunteers who work with children and will be completed through the school district or The Land Conservancy depending on the worksite assignment.
  2. CPR & First Aid Certification
  3. Docent Training can be completed within the first year of volunteering.

Commitment: Generally weekly during fall and/or spring

Ideal for: Retired teachers, naturalists, rock hounds, lovers of soil and plants, etc.


Volunteers who enjoy getting involved in stewardship are the “doers” and enjoy being “hands-on”. This position involves activities such as trail maintenance, planting, and monitoring nest boxes to name a few.

Commitment: As needed, with groups and/or independent.

Ideal for: Anyone comfortable with physical work, who may have knowledge of tools, willing to get a little dirty!

Arts & Crafts

This volunteer opportunity is open to all who enjoy creating and using imagination! If you enjoy crafting visual displays, interactive materials, or anything a child could use to learn, then this position is ideal for you!

Commitment: As needed, independent.

Interested skillsets: Woodworking, sewing, visual art.

Specialty / Technical Skills


This position is open to anyone who has a specialty skill that they feel would elevate the LATO program. Have an idea or skillset that can further expand the program, help the program run more efficiently, make the program more fun? If yes, we would love to learn more of what you have to offer!

Commitment: Limited, flexible, independent.

Ideal for: Engineers, science teachers, fundraisers, those savvy with design/computers.

If you are excited about getting involved and understand what is required for your desired opportunity, please join us!